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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury


Anne RicketsWhether you have sustained a brain injury yourself, or whether you love or care for someone with a brain injury, this site is designed to share our experiences in a way that is both simple and comprehensive. By sharing all that we have gleaned from our personal experiences, it is my hope that we may all become that much wiser. The better informed we are, the more quickly we are likely to recover.

There are many different facilities on this site and I intend to continue to add more; I hope that it will become a valuable resource that anyone with, or associated with, brain injury can make use of.

People with brain injuries can easily be overwhelmed. As someone who continues to battle with the disabilities of brain injury I am fully aware of how we can easily think we have communicated succinctly and clearly, and yet, have failed to do either, so please if you have any questions or need any assistance please do contact me.

I run peer support group on Facebook, you will find us at ‘The Inside of Brain Injury.’ We are a really positive group, we share information, support and help each other, and this is also a group who are doing their best to not only talk about the issues that arise within brain injury, but we also do what we can to actually bring about change.

You are invited to contact me so that I can write your story to add to ‘Our Stories’ and you are invited to do the same with any insights that you wish to share, which will be added under ‘Shared Insights.’ Everyone who contributes to this site will be given the credit for their input. Please look out for the areas where you can add your comments. If something is missing – ask – I will add whatever you need…

This site is for those who have been both diagnosed, and misdiagnosed, with any kind of brain injury and their loved ones. It is also for everyone who has ‘fallen through the net’ and have therefore not received the follow-up support and help they need. We will do our best to point you in the right direction…

Many survivors of brain injury report a feeling that they have lost their ‘self’, or their soul and their families and loved ones often feel the same way… I hope to alleviate some of the fears by sharing the many insights into what is really happening that I have gleaned through my own experience of TBI.

My hope is, that together, we will be able to build a layman’s survivors guide. You won’t find any ‘technical speak’ on this site and I have intentionally kept the layout as simple as possible. I know from personal experience how easy it is to become overwhelmed by too much data, on different subjects, all on the same page.

I have spent over twelve years living like a hermit, isolated and unable to cope with the wider world that exists beyond my own periphery. I know that many, millions perhaps, live in a similar way. I have found it very difficult to find a site that is both simple and easy to navigate my way around, and also allowed me to easily find my way to the things that I felt were important. Everyone can have a voice here, everyone can contribute their own experiences to this site to help others, and everyone is welcome to offer their feedback.

Please remember, everything that you read about brain injury and its effects, no matter what the source, it is only ever the opinion of that one person, even when they are referring to the research carried out by others. Because so little is really known about brain injury, and because every individual affected is totally unique, please always remember to keep an open mind.

I can totally understand that if you love someone who has a brain injury, then you will want to do everything that you can to help. I also understand that we do not always make this easy for you…

My thanks to you all…


Please support:

The Brain Injury Global TEAM

Troy’s Run for Brain Injury Awareness

The Butterfly Express Awareness Tour

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