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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury


Exercise creates brain ‘muscle.’ It can really help with balance, coordination, processing, spatial awareness and even memory.

Back in 2006 I started going to keep fit classes with my daughter. I would go the wrong way, step on people, I was uncoordinated, and had no sense of my previous rhythm whatsoever.  I was like a scarecrow stuck on a pole, earnestly trying my best to join in. After about four or five months of being in this class I commented to my daughter that I believed we had done a certain small aspect of the routine before. Sam was taken-aback. She was of course a witness to my ungainliness, but what she hadn’t realised was that my ability to learn was so severely corrupted.

Sam informed me, with a bit of a giggle, that we had been doing exactly the same routine, throughout the entire class, for the whole period of time we had been going. I didn’t know! That was news to me!

Once I had this pointed out to me I found it much easier to coordinate myself. I was very cautious of all the jumping up and down, fearful that I would wobble my wounded brain, but apart from this I became determined to try and recognise the routines.

Any physical exercise that works our brain muscles will help it to heal. Try line-dancing and Tai Chi as well as aerobics or step classes. I am sure that there are many other forms of physical exercise that will help to balance the brain. Go investigate!

Yoga is also beneficial as it focuses on meditation techniques that will help to relax, and hopefully focus, the brain. The breathing techniques are also beneficial as they will increase the levels of oxygen in the brain, and this is known to be very conducive to healing TBI.


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