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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury


You will find brain injury support groups on Facebook at :-

The Inside of Brain Injury (administered by me, Annie Ricketts) also advocates for raising the awareness of the issues surrounding brain injury in a way that encourages everyone to have a voice and share their personal goals to help others. We  are a group of action and support for all…  The Inside of Brain Injury

This is the Brain Injury Global Picnic group – please feel free to come and join us if you would like to be a part of this incredibly exciting drive to change the world of brain injury.

 Online support for TBI & ABI is administered by another survivor, my amazing friend Marlo Carroll-Rotundo  This is a great place to go for practical help! Marlo also runs very well administered skype conference calls that allow group members to chat and get to know each other.

Teamhilevel is a another Facebook support group run by an amazing friend DJ Asselin who also works earnestly to raise awareness about brain injury. I don’t think that there is a day that passes where a problem isn’t solved within this action-driven group. DJ also founded Teamhilevel Psychotherapy which is a place to just chill out and to have some well needed ‘downtime’ with trusted friends.

All groups share the common goal of bringing survivors of brain injury, their families, caregivers and friends together where we can share our experiences and support each other…


Websites of my friends, many of whom are  brain injury survivors and have a wealth of wisdom to share:-

  • Kathleen Quinn-Farber has shared the story of Danny’ Journey in a beautifully written and insightful way…
  • Dr Nicole M. Eastman is an inspirational and courageous woman who is stepping out to advocate for others… Watch Dr  Nicole Eastman video and learn about her valuable contribution to brain injury
  • Lois York-Lewis and her beautiful daughter Bari are to co-founders of this not-for -profit organisation : – BI Resource Centre of Wisconsin Here is what Lois said; “Our non-profit organization has created a Friendship Network called “Just Like Me” It is for brain injury survivors to work on social skills and form new friendships. For those who also like to get a personal note in the mail or a card, letter every now and then, we have a Pen Pal Program as well. We are proud to be part of the TBI Global Picnic and are ready to share and listen too!
  •  Lori Faitel is the author of a book called ‘Am I Brain Damaged? Memoir of Return to Life After My Head Injury.’ Visit her blog to get to know what a wonderful soul she is and to buy her book…
  • Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie is the author of a book ‘Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror and Triumph Through a Child’s Traumatic Brain Injury‘ and is reaching out to help others. You can find out more about Dixie and her second book on her website Dixie Coskie
  • Mike Strand has some great views. His writing flows beautifully – visit Mike’s Big Brain Blog for some real inspiration….
  • I have only just met Jessica Taylor and yet I feel as though she has been the shadow walking by my side for many years. Perhaps it is the natural warmth and endearing charm of the Irish that oozes out of her, but whatever it is, Jessica is a fighter and an achiever. You will find a link to her book, From Tradegy to Triumph, on her webpage at Jessica Taylor.
  • Mina – is another survivor who is reaching out to our community with her page: ‘Living with TBI.’ It is an enjoyable and easy read and Mina shares many simple insights to help others.
  • Marlo Caroll-Rotundo is an amazing human being and TBI survivor, founder of a Facebook support group and brain injury advocate  Marlo never ceases to astound me – she is my ‘missing’ brain!
  • Pastor Snoopi Botten is an amazing man with a very clear message about being ‘differently abled.’ He has developed a really wonderful piece of software that enables disabled people to sing. I persoanlly love the message that Snoopi shares on this site and found it very uplifting. I keep going back to it to hear the song that ‘fires-up’ when you open the site!! Flame of Hope
  • Amy Sue Root is now eleven years old. Amy is a fighter and she loves to sing. Sign her guestbook!
  • Broken Brain – Brilliant Mind Blog with some really interesting and well written posts   Insightful blog page that shares the inside story of brain injury that is useful for everyone, especially our caregivers who wish to understand more about how it feels to live on the inside of brain injury.
  • Li Sa has a blog page that easily shifted me from laughter to tears because it shares her story in a totally no-nonsense way that allows you to fall between the lines and walk by her side. Li Sa is a Walking, Talking, Miracle!
  • Fly With Me Productions –   Pamela Leigh Richards is an ambassador for peace and change in our world. She has also suffered a near-death brain injury.
  • Lisa Tenzin Dolma A beautiful human being, personal friend, animal lover, dog psychology specialist and writer / author.
  • Truly Beautiful Crystal Angels –  Beautifully hand crafted angels by my beautiful friend Slavenna who is richly deserving…
  • Hania’s garden Safari  Hania is another wonderful person and her site is filled with information on the wildlife we can find in her gardens. She also has some really good quality advertising for all things garden on her site.
  • Donalee Markus says: – “It appeared to me that an overlooked consequence of any asault on the brain…physical, chemical, or emotional, the individual’s internal dialogue is affected. I created an iphone application that addresses this problem.” Strong Mind Puzzles $1.99. There are 500,000+ different puzzles and 8 levels of difficulty to work through.   Strong Mind Puzzles
  •  Christine Bryden was only 46 when she was diagnosed with dementia after experiencing symptoms of what she thought was stress, including terrible headaches, and some of the stereotypical symptoms of forgetfulness, memory loss, and confusion. The prognosis was horrific.. Christine’s successful struggle to retain function indicates that perhaps the brain can rewire itself. Even in an ongoing process of brain damage such as dementia, there may well be brain (neuro)-plasticity.



For brain injury organisations and associations please go to Resources


Friends Who need Support


  • Travelling Awareness Bears had a truly, truly inspirational start – the idea came from a little boy called Elijah who was 7 when he decided that people needed to know about other children like himself. This is a really simple ‘wish-list’ for things that almost everyone can easily donate something to. I hope you give them your full support and enjoy learning more about Pediatric Stroke and various other diagnosis in children.


  • Steve Barringer is raising money for The Stoke Association by running in the Paris marathon in April. Steve is a stroke survivor and his endeavours are also raising awareness! Please give this inspirational man your encouragement and support – thank you!!! You can still donate to help Steve reach his target!




Everyone is special…

Eternal Hope Please listen to this whilst you look at these pictures and read this story…


Watoto Choir # 52

Lydia and Gerrard




Gerrard holding me…


There isn’t a night that I don’t go to bed without feeling filled with joy, for I ‘know’ that I am blessed. I often wonder to myself, even after what would seem like a perfectly ordinary day to most, how life could possibly feel any better…

Each day seems to bring ever greater heights, ever more love, ever more blessings… I am constantly humbled and the light that shines on my path glows ever brighter…

My brain injury wiped away my soul, like chalk is washed from a blackboard. I lived through nine years without knowing who I was, without a connection to my ‘Self,’ to God… I would fall to my knees wracked with pain because somewhere in my head I had knowledge that I wasn’t alone. I would pray, I would beg this ‘word’ God to show me who I am, to give me ‘me’ back. I begged God to hold my hand and to guide me…

Eventually it came and I haven’t looked back. I ‘know’ that the furrow behind me is fertile and full of seeds… I ‘know’ there are footprints in the sand beside my own… My Latent Self

Tonight I am sure that my joy reached to heaven as I watched the children from Watato Choir number 52 reach out and share their love and compassion, their ‘knowing,’ their hearts. They do this despite being so very young and having witnessed and experienced things that tell some people there is no God at all. These children are not only the future of Uganda, they are the future of our world, our inspiration and our eternal hope that no matter what, we can raise our levels of understanding and consciousness. Please reach out yourself and support these children, to support the future of mankind. These children are the light and our hope for a peaceful world.

Watoto – Rescue, Raise, Rebuild

Watoto Choir 52 on their travels bringing light and love across the UK



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