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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury

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My Latent Self, Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury – by Anne E Ricketts


On 23rd July 2000 Anne Ricketts flew upward into the air from a falling horse, and came down, as straight as an arrow, directly onto the top of her head. It was a miracle that she didn’t break her neck, and a miracle that she managed to drive home safely. Annie was diagnosed with a serious traumatic brain injury and discharged from the hospital without receiving any information. Despite her GP receiving a letter from the hospital, indicating that she should receive a follow-up assessment, no appointment was ever made.

Annie became one of the many who ‘fall through the net,’ and become lost to the health services. It took her a further four years of constantly mentioning her difficulties before she was finally able to verbalise her problems well enough for her GP to take her seriously. After a year of tests Annie was referred to a Neuropsychologist, and for occupational and speech and language therapy, and finally diagnosed as having ‘Dysexecutive Sundrome.’ Left with severe cognitive and memory disabilities, over the next six years she was slowly able to learn how to manage her life better and to put her shattered ‘self’ back together again. In effect she became the object of her own research project.

As she emerged from the fugue of brain injury Annie realised that she had gleaned many valuable insights through her experiences, not only about how the brain works, but also about life and how it works. She is well aware of how brain injury can leave you feeling as though you have lost your soul. This book is a must, not only for those affected by or working in the field of brain injury, but also for anyone who has ever felt splintered from their ‘Self.’

This book is more than the story of one woman’s fight for life, and her fight for a sense of ‘self’ that alone will inspire every reader who is interested in human nature and the trials and tribulations of life. Brain injury is a very personal and merciless onslaught; the author often asks herself if there could possibly be a more trying experience than having absolutely no idea who you are… It takes real courage to face the world every day without having any sense of identity, and knowing that you are trapped behind a range of severe disabilities that you can do nothing about and have no control over until basic skills are relearned and a glimmer of space for thinking reappears.

My Latent Self describes and uncovers many of the common issues that surround the world of brain injury, such as why people fall through the net and the lack of awareness that permeates the lives of people living with brain injury. It fully shares what is happening on the ‘inside’ and why the world needs to change. Brain injury is not always obvious; some people are able to walk and speak and because of this they are erroneously judged as being healthy and ‘normal.’ Little could be farther from the truth…

This is the first of her books; the second, ‘Latent Beliefs,’ is also near completion.

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