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My Latent Self

Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury

Our Hero’s in Alphabetical Order

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsAdrian Ricketts – My baby brother Ade, (Ade Baby)  was my rock throughout my divorce. I drove him to the very edges of his capacities for tolerance and patience and believe I may have been instrumental in stretching them somewhat! He has stood by me throughout the years of my recovery; he has been both determined and dedicated to helping me to see the real world again. He has fought my battles for me, he has been the dynamic brain that I lost, and he has done all of this with a totally conscious desire to try and incorporate my wishes and who I am into what he has advised… “Thank you Dudie, from the bottom of my heart and for always, Sis x.” Posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsBrian Garland –  My like-minded friend Brian, who, many years ago was able to very gently remind me that none of us are separate from God, from the ‘All that Is.’ “You picked me up and put me back on my path Brian x” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsCarol and Bob Ferguson –  My dear friends and travelling companions, Carol and Bob, Tunkhannock, PA and Jean Bowman, Mississauga, ON. My gratitude for always accepting me as I have been and as I am… Many of my ‘new’ treasured memories are of the times I have spent with you. I have a special thank you for Carol who taught me about how to mind my own business again. “You all mean the world to me for, especially for never judging me or pointing out all my obvious disabilities.” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne Ricketts Cindy Sawers Fuller – When my best friend from high school recieved the call about my accident she drove 400 miles to see me. She comforted my sister and my children and never quit me. Cindy continues to be a supportive and loving friend… Posted by Jackie Birdsall Goodwin

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsEmma Clemens – My Occupational Therapist Emma is still my supporter and without a doubt was instrumental in giving me my life back. Her enduring patience and understanding are beyond the capacity of the many other people I would describe as having these qualities in exceptional amounts. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to being who I am today if it were not for Emma. Her work with me was instrumental in laying the path that allowed me to start out on the journey of finding my way home. “Bless you for all your help, for giving me the space in my head that allowed me to find ‘me’ again…” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne Ricketts   Felicia and Daryl Pickett who made all the decisions whilst I was in hospital and took care of my son and still do to this day. You are hero’s to me… posted by Jackie Birdsall Goodwin

My Latent Self by Anne Ricketts George Ricketts – My Uncle George who has listened to me with patience across all of the years. “I am most grateful to you Uncle for always believing everything I said x.” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsGreg Hall who didn’t meet me until after my brain injury, but has stuck by me regardless of my problems and has had a huge impact on my healing. posted by ‘Jacks’ Jackie Bridsall Goodwin

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsGreg Hall who is also a friend to many, an advocate for brain injury in his own loving way, for his acceptance of us all without question, for his support and good sense – you are loved and appreciated. posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsHelen Little – My friend Helen is the editor of my thought processes. She is gentle with me and thoughtful and keeps things flowing so that I have time to pick up on them. Helen has helped me by offering her feedback on my book and on my site. She reads things for me and translates everything into terms that I can understand. “Thank you Helen, your capacity to help is like the sun burning off a morning fog. You empower me…” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsMy ‘computer geekJamie – you are one very tremendous fellow. I am thrilled to bits with the ‘easy’ way you have handled me, and the way you have turned my inept descriptions and ideas into this website that is exactly how I want it to be. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you. “I love your dynamic brain Jamie.” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsLisa Tenzin-Dolma – My friend Lisa  is an inspiration to us all. Having people around me who have a deeper understanding of where I am coming from is tremendously encouraging and Lisa is naturally one of these people. “I love you and your work Lis x.” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsMargaret Sills – My friend Margsie, is the only person I am in regular contact with from my ‘before I fell on my head days.’ I must have displayed so many oddities, said many an irregular thing, forgotten many important dates and must have failed to be there for her every time she needed me, but, my Margsie has always stood by me. I love her dearly. Margsie has always been helpful, tolerant, patient and understanding. After suffering four mini-strokes we now sit in the same boat. We share an understanding of each other now that goes beyond the original bond of our friendship. Our history is now speckled with many hilarious stories of the ‘mischief’ we have inadvertently found ourselves in. “Thank you for your love and loyalty Margsie x. I would never have found my way home so readily if you hadn’t been such a willing participant in ‘Our Rainbow Day.’ posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsPamela Leigh Richards – My living spirit guide – Pamela... Pamela keeps me spiritually centred and balanced. We have been both giggling and sharing our deepest insights for many years. In January 2010 Pamela came out of a loft and landed on her head on a concrete floor. You will find her story here. She is an inspiration, a constant shining light. We share many similar beliefs; our lives are perfectly synchronised… We have struggled our way along this rocky road together. We have much work to do… Pamela always encourages and supports me, no matter how she is feeling herself. “Pammy, you may be in Arizona, but there is definitely a part of you in my heart…x x x” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne Ricketts  Sally Fowler My hero was my mom, she taught me to be strong and to believe in myself, I lost her when i was 14, she died of cancer, she is my Angel, when I my TBI surgery, I was in a coma, the tumor was large, I saw myself falling backwards, I kept falling, I saw a hand come out to touch my hand, and the voice said go back it is not your time, you have a lot of work to do , you need to spread the word to help others. I was in ICU for 6 weeks fighting for my life, I could not walk, or talk I was in a lot of pain, I had to learn how to talk, walk, feed myself everything, all over again, it took my some of my vision, everything is blurry and double. I have a Tumor in my brain stem now whenever I feel I need strength, I turn to my mom , my Angel,,,,,, posted by Donna Marie Paquette


My Latent Self by Anne RickettsThe ‘team’ at Sandown Post Office. For so many years you all willingly helped me with my profound disabilities. To be able to come into the post office alone and to not feel fear or embarrassment was a tremendous help to me. Knowing that I could totally trust you all helped allay my fears and because you were all so patient and understanding you were able to teach me many practical things that I can now finally do mostly on my own. None of you have ever queried my strange questions or batted an eyelid when I haven’t understood what I needed to do to achieve something. “Rosie and Flo always led me to you Sharon; you are a bubble of brightness in this world.” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsValerie Ford – My healer Val, Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher and Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. Val is a kindred spirit and friend and didn’t even judge me on the day that I totally forgot that I was supposed to be looking after her son Nathan! Both of them have helped me to heal and to learn about myself. Valerie has been instrumental in helping me to cut the emotional chords with my past – the past that no longer serves me or who I am now. She has helped me to clean out my energy fields and has literally brought me back in line with my purpose for this life. “I am eternally grateful to you Val x.” “I will always be on your back with my support Nathan x.” posted by Annie

My Latent Self by Anne RickettsWilson – My kindred spirit Wilson, who courageously ran a marathon this year (2011) and raised a heap of money for ‘Headway, Isle of Wight.’ Wilson is a real trooper and a dedicated seeker of the truth. He has been instrumental in my spiritual healing and has always had an uncanny knack for being able to see the authentic Annie that was, when we first met, deeply hidden beneath my surface. Wilson is the epitome of someone who can ‘see’ without having to use their eyes. “You have a most generous heart my friend. I was blessed to have found you x.” posted by Annie

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One Response to “Our Hero’s in Alphabetical Order”

  1. Pamela Leigh Richards says:

    Annie Ricketts is at the top of the list as a Hero in my book. Our meeting is another story in the Chapter of life and also will add her daughter Sam to this page for the two of them go hand in hand 🙂 I am so grateful to share this world with you both. Annie supported me in a massive way when I had to appear in Court in England having to represent myself. She was my brain injury advocate McKenzie friend. Thank you m’lady. A memory I hold with great appreciation and thank god for the god of giggle! Love, pamela ≈♥✿♡≈

    I never forget NVR4GT gifts like you and hold you in my Heart always.
    Special people indeed. You are a beauty in Life.

    “Коня на скаку остановит, В горящую избу войдёт”
    Poetry of Nekrasov- very famous Russian Poet.
    (The lady is not afraid of anything at all, very brave and can stand for herself.)

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