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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury

Press Release – 01 December 2011


A call to change Emergency Room Procedures

Dance-walking her way down the streets of Essex Junction, Vermont, is a miracle walking – well, dancing.

Donna Marie Paquette is an inspiration to us all, but what I really want to share here are things about the experiences Donna has endured and yet never complained about.

Imagine how it would feel to fall from a height, onto the back of your head, to have your broken bones fixed, but to have no attention paid to your brain injury. Donna eventually ended up in life-threatening surgery to remove a tumour that no one believed she would live through – including her priest. This all happened because her head injury was not even checked. Donna now has another tumour. This one is inoperable because it is too close to her brain stem.

No one knows how long Donna will be with us for…

Donna has endured ridicule and abuse and she has always chosen to turn the other cheek and remain positive within her own world. She has become the ‘mascot’ for a website, based in the UK, that is written by people with brain injuries, for other people with brain injuries. You can read her full story at

To my mind we all owe this remarkable woman something. We owe it to her to change the procedures in our emergency rooms and we owe it to her to see ourselves in the mirror so that ‘life’ itself knows that we all want change.

Through the use of a poster, produced by another brain injury victim who is also a miracle walking, and through a petition aimed at international governments, the designers of the English website are looking to campaign for that change.

All anyone needs to do is to care…


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