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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury

Press Release – 14 December 2011

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The Fight for Awareness

Why so Many Families are Torn Apart by Brain Injury

Teague, Texas – When brain injury strikes this can be a tragic event for families who are then left to pick up the pieces of their lives – very often without adequate support. Brain injury can literally ‘change’ a person within a split second and it is these changes that some families are often just unable to bear.

The brain injury victim can often be left alone at a time when they most need the love, understanding and support from their families and friends. How do you fend for yourself after your entire world has been obliterated?

This story is aimed at raising awareness about the plight of people all across Texas, but namely it is about one local lady who wants to bring her family back together again…


Please contact me for further details and also visit to read Jackie Goodwin’s story.

About Anne E Ricketts

Anne E Ricketts is a brain injury survivor, author and an advocate for raising awareness about the profound challenges that can arise after a person has suffered a brain trauma. She is dedicated to helping others to have a voice through her website and through her facebook group, ‘The Inside of Brain Injury.’


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