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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury

Press Release – 18th December 2011

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Please Drive Safely this Christmas

A Poignant Message from a Brain Injury Survivor

Woodburn, Oregon – A local young lady found out the hard way why it is important not to drive whilst intoxicated. Cleopatra Kojin unexpectedly survived a car wreck and has disproven the prognosis that she would enter a vegetative state.

She now wants to share her story and to warn others not to make the same mistake that she did. Her decision on 16th September 2006 has changed her life through the traumatic brain injuries that she sustained.

You will find her story Here


Please contact me for details of how to contact Cleopatra Kojin for an interview.

About Anne E Ricketts

Anne E Ricketts is a brain injury survivor, author and an advocate for raising awareness about the profound challenges that can arise after a person has suffered a brain trauma. She is dedicated to helping others to have a voice through her website and through her facebook group, ‘The Inside of Brain Injury.


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