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Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury
Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury

Understanding Our Caregivers

Understanding what our caregivers go through can start with actually realising that they are going through something…

An excerpt from ‘My Latent Self, Recovering My Soul After Brain Injury: – “I get that we confuse people. I can totally understand you have no initial idea as to how to relate to us, and I realise you have much to learn in order to be able not only to help us, but also to be able to deal with, and live with us. What we unknowingly ask of you is way beyond the normal call of duty. If brain injury has never cropped up in your life before, then it is inevitable that you will have no experience of dealing with someone who has been brain injured, and that you too will feel lost, confused and frustrated. I can understand the grief, the mourning even, for the apparent loss of the soul you have always so loved. Who is there to assure you? Who is there to train you – the one who becomes the inevitable trainer? How are you best able to learn the new communication skills you will need? Do you even know, or recognise, how our dependency on you requires that the way you have always perceived and judged the way we cognitively function, needs to change? The confusing part is how to separate what is a lack of brain function, from what is not a change in personality.

I am sure you all know that the changes in behaviour which occur as a result of brain injury are not premeditated; they are accidental implications that arrive like frogs falling from the sky on a clear blue day. For those of you on the outside, when our injuries cause you life changes in ways that do not meet with your previous experiences, you can be easily thrown into an uncertain world of rocky ground, which you tentatively step upon in the fear that what is left underfoot, may also fall away. Life can feel undermined, like the crashing waves of the ocean eating away at the bedrock of your existence, eroding your capabilities and normalities, chewing up everything that was once familiar, and leaving you with an inner chaos that holds no direction. I understand that brain injury does not only alter the lives of those of us who are afflicted, but spreads out like the turbulent ripples on a great lake. We don’t know we are affected; we are certainly oblivious to the fact that you are…”


Did you know that an estimated 63% of caregivers suffer with depression?


Headway, the brain injury association are asking caregivers to fill in their on-line survey – please take the time to take part wherever you live….


This site comes highly recommended :- Caregiver Wellness


The Family Care Giver Alliance


UCTV – University of California Television Coping with Brain Injury – Caregiving Strategies


Eternal Hope for Survivors and Caregivers


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